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03/24/07: The relay-apps examples have been updated to match the relay_open() API change in the 2.6.21 kernel.
08/23/06: The relay-apps examples have now been completely converted to creating their files in debugfs using the new 'relay' API.
02/19/06: As of 2.6.17, the fs part of relayfs has been removed and the rest of relayfs has been moved into kernel/relay.c. The functionality remains the same, the only difference being that the files representing the channel buffers will now live in a different filesystem.
01/08/06: The relayfs support for non-relay ("control") files, exported relay file operations, and global relayfs channels has been added to the mainline kernel (and removed from 2.6.15-mm3). The relay-apps examples (starting with relay-apps-0.90) now make use of these features.
09/10/05: An updated version of the 2.4 relayfs port is available.
09/07/05: relayfs is now in the mainline kernel.
08/10/05: Thanks to Hareesh Nagarajan, there is now a 2.4 relayfs port - see the project files.
03/12/05: relayfs included in the 2.6.11-mm3 kernel. Logo